"The impact of Alcatraz was like a rock hitting the bay, sending a thousand ripples across the water, as nearly a thousand events in support of Native Americans happened as the result of our action."
~ Dr. LaNada War Jack

During the occupation of Alcatraz Island, Native Americans broke  barriers of centuries of cultural genocide, awakening Americans to the injustices they faced. Though a failure, the occupation is considered the birthplace of Native American activism, igniting the Red Power movement, including protests such as The Trail of Broken Treaties, Wounded Knee, and Standing Rock.

Fifty years later, Indian issues are slowly being recognized because of the groundwork laid on Alcatraz. Laws and recognition of tribal sovereignty have slowly been addressed by the US Government, but there is still work to be done. 

(Source) Ilka Hartmann Photography

​​​​​​​Adam Fortunate Eagle (Source) Taking Alcatraz

(Source) San Francisco Chronicle

"Despite the attempt to assimilate us through cultural genocide, we the original caretakers of the land, we are still here. We will not be forgotten."
~ Cortney Russell of the Shxwhá:y Village in Canada

Long Term Impacts

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